Welcome to B.E.A.N. Enterprises, LLC! Based out of Fridley, Minnesota, B.E.A.N. Enterprises is committed to "Building Self-Esteem, One Book at a Time." With a specialized focus on children, it is our mission to encourage and inspire those who may otherwise feel inadequate due to economic hardship, social awkwardness, as well as physical impairments or disabilities and to promote a healthy self-worth and value,  which is not solely based on things that are visible or tangible.  "I am who I am, because I AM, and not because of what I have,"(Jacqueline Norwood-Hall). 

In a series of children's books, B.E.A.N. Enterprises, LLC., has managed to create its own "Self-Esteem Dream Team;"  a group of characters written within a collection of stories who touch on sensitive subject matter, some of which include: bullying, racial insecurities and prejudice, in addition to self-hatred. Capturing the lives of everyday adolescents, these characters shed light on topics that may not otherwise get the necessary exposure at such a young age. 

Welcome to the Dream Team!